The IsoCat article is published! Response has been far greater than I expected. I have ordered the parts for a second production run, and they have been received. That's the good news. The bad news is that I have had to raise prices to reflect increased parts costs. Some of the components are no longer available in non-RoHS part numbers while others just have had a price increase. Not to worry, though - the parts are still available, they just cost more. 
I have shipped all the kits and the assembled units ordered through March 22. Everything I had has been shipped. I am assembling kits this week and plan to assemble some completed units next week. This may result in a one to week delay in shipping. I have all the parts in stock, it is simply a matter of sorting the parts into kits. I do have bare boards ready for immediate shipment. Thanks in advance for your patience.
No shows scheduled this month - the next one is in Belton in April.